Function: Analyse

FA Function: Analyse
Analyse Explain: part in terms of whole, instance in terms of general rule, findings in terms of hypothesis, example in terms of theory, incident in terms of context …
Apply Apply a theory, methodology, protocol, explanation etc to a given problem
Argue or debate Set out a position with clear reasoning and justification: support and/or refute a position
Compare Identify similarities and differences between two objects, ideas, situations or processes
Contrast Identify differences only
Contextualise Consider in terms of surrounding information such as location, time, roles, trends
Explain Give reasons for, illustrate the meaning of, account for (in terms of a theory or rationale), make clear and intelligible
Explore Expand on a given statement, situation or position, introducing new considerations
Generalise Speculate or predict what will be true in more general situations based on evidence from a specific case or cases
Problematise Challenge, query, or point out inconsistencies and difficulties with a position (especially an established one)
Question Challenge, query or object to an argument or position
Refute Prove to be false, overthrow by argument or evidence
Support Substantiate or strengthen argument through presentation of evidence