Function: Evaluate

FE Function: Evaluate
Assess or appraise Form a judgement based on evidence or triangulation of different perspectives
Conclude Make a judgement or decision, or summarise main arguments at the close of a text
Criticise Question a given piece of information, theory or view; point out defects or omissions, show errors
Critique: an argument or position Discuss points for and against, offering evidence; elaborate the argument or position if appropriate
Critique: a text or other work Discuss how effects are achieved; assess how specific features support (or fail to support) the overall creative endeavour
Discuss Present a range of information/views with comments and judgements: argue the case for and against
Elaborate or develop Present new aspects of an argument or position; consider in greater detail
Evaluate Assess the value or impact of, considering evidence from a range of perspectives
Hypothesise Develop an explanation accounting for all the evidence; OR offer a speculative explanation subject to further evidence
Interpret Explain possible meanings of, make clear and explicit (usually using your own judgement)
Propose or recommend Make a recommendation for future action based on arguments or evidence presented
Reflect Consider from a personal perspective including beliefs, intentions, feelings, judgements and memories; consider the learning experience itself
Synthesise Combine several arguments or sources of evidence to reach a more complex or holistic assessment
Triangulate Assess by reference to data from different methods and sources