List Extracts

Level Extract Title Subject
5 PHY 202 Evidence based written summary for patient education leaflet "Integrating exercise into a daily routine as part of a physiotherapy approach to the management of a person with either Guillan Barre Syndrome or Multiple Sclerosis. Health & Social Care
4 Mini-Report: research methods - Unconscious Attitudes study Soc. Sci. & Professional
5 Message posted to electronic discussion forum – problem-based learning report on the topic of the ‘UK Accounting Regulatory Framework’ Soc. Sci. & Professional
5 Report: Problem Based Learning, Conceptual Frameworks Soc. Sci. & Professional
6 Message posted to discussion forum: Problem Based Learning - Research and Development Costs Soc. Sci. & Professional
6 Group Report for Problem Based Learning: Retirement Benefits Soc. Sci. & Professional
6 Literature Review: Factors affecting cardiovascular health STEM Subjects
5 Essay: Critically analyse the concept of institutional racism in policing and evaluate policy responses to it. Soc. Sci. & Professional
6 Report - Investigate and discuss the evolution of Business Intelligence solutions since 1990 (3,000 word report) STEM Subjects
6 Investigate and discuss the factors that determine the success (or failure) of software development projects (2,500 word report) STEM Subjects
6 Evaluative Report – Should we adopt Extreme Programming? (3,000 word report) STEM Subjects
7 Literature review for Personal & Professional Skills module: Secret of a Healthy Heart Health & Social Care
7 Literature review: The Possibility of Human to Human Transfer of Avian Influenza STEM Subjects
6 Laboratory report: designing a robot football control algorithm in simulation STEM Subjects
7 Literature review: The Island Rule STEM Subjects
7 Final dissertation, worth 60 M-level credits, to demonstrate students’ capacity to conduct and report a major piece of research work Health & Social Care
6 Essay: How Fair is Fair Value - Extended Soc. Sci. & Professional
6 Abstract from an honours project: Is Cardiovascular Health Affected by Exercise Type and Impact? STEM Subjects
4 Review of a piece of research based evidence relevant to health care practice - Extended Health & Social Care
7 Final dissertation, worth 60 M-level credits, to demonstrate students’ capacity to conduct and report a major piece of research work - Extended Health & Social Care
5 A critical exploration of how my experiences teaching adults in Poland led me to a new career direction Arts & Humanities
3 Academic Paper Review: Arnfalk, P et al (2005) ‘Education for sustainable development and the Young Masters Program’, Journal of Cleaner Production, 1107-1112 Arts & Humanities
4 Mother's Diary Arts & Humanities
5 The relationship between Red Meat Consumption and Colon Cancer Health & Social Care
4 Example method section for a chemistry laboratory report: Preparation of Methyl 3-Nitrobenzoate​ STEM Subjects